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Investing in a Landberg property in Austria has many advantages. Here are just some of them.

1: Location, location, location

Our properties are always in premium locations. In Bramberg and Neukirchen, they are right by the start of the Smaragdbahn skilift in the Wildkogel Arena with views of the mountains.

2: Quality down to the finest detail

We build to high-standards with high-quality materials. Why not see for yourself? Spend a few days at one of our resorts DAS Wildkogel or DAS Bramberg and find out what it's like to have a holiday home-away-from-home.

3: The Landberg concept

When you buy a Landberg holiday apartment, house or chalet, you acquire a property in a premium location. Not to mention all the services and facilities that come with it, and a dedicated on-site reception team.

4: Excellent return-on-investment prospects

Oberpinzgau is starting to develop as one of Austria's flagship tourist regions. Plots and properties in the area have the potential to demonstrate long-term increase in value.

5: Rigorous construction standards

You will receive a 30-year building guarantee and a three-year warranty on hidden defects.

6: Payment conditional on construction progress

All payments are made via a notary, who acts as an independent middleman. The notary does not release the payment to the developer until the agreed conditions have been met.

7: Payment after survey

Payment by instalments is made only after the completion of a survey by an independent expert, who will assess whether or not the criteria have been met for the release of funds.

8: Deductible mortgage interest

In Austria, the mortgage interest you pay can be deducted from your rental income.

9: No inheritance and gift tax.

In Austria there is no inheritance and gift tax. In the event of your death, your estate will be subject to your local tax regime.

10: No wealth tax

In Austria, there is no wealth tax on your estate, just a relatively small land tax.

11: Increases in value are only partially taxed

In Austria, any increases in your property's value are only partially taxed.

12: Generous deductions allowed

Generous deductions are allowed for rental income (e.g. travel costs, maintenance costs, tax-free contributions, depreciation etc.). So in Austria you will pay a relatively small amount of income tax.

13: Generous tax-free contributions

When you purchase one of our holiday apartments, houses or chalets, you can make relatively high tax-free contributions. For more information, please contact us.

14: No capital gains tax

In Austria, to avoid double taxation, private investment assets are no longer included for capital gains tax purposes.

15: VAT reclaim

When you purchase a property for letting purposes, you can reclaim the VAT. The bridging period is financed by the bank by means of a short-term loan. Taking out a mortgage has never been such good value.

16: Majority of the total price is financeable

You can finance up to 60% of the purchase price.

17: Take advantage of low interest rates

Current interest rates are very low: 1.8% fixed over three years; 2.2% over five years; and (as at February 2016) 2.5% fixed over ten years.

18: Increasing demand for luxury holiday homes

Guests are placing increasing emphasis on either value-for-money or luxury accommodation. It's the middle sector that is being squeezed. As a result of this split, demand is growing for luxury holiday apartments, penthouses and chalets.

19: Guests are looking for 'family space'

Guests are increasingly looking for accommodation where they can all share the same space together as a family – so a holiday apartment, house or chalet, rather than separate hotel rooms.

20: The best return on investment can't be calculated

As well as rental income, you'll enjoy something that doesn't show up on the balance sheet – the luxury of having a holiday property that feels like a home-away-from-home.

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"Holiday or investment return? With Landberg, you can have both."